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A reputation for outstanding tone and action response.
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Fandrich & Sons

Fandrich & Sons 185-S (in stock) 6'1" Grand Piano


  • Abel felt hammers
  • German solid spruce soundboard
  • Delignit pinblock from Germany
  • Roslau wire from Germany
  • Micro balanced keys (traditional style, no springs or magnets)
  • Satin mahogany finish
  • Fandrich & Sons preparation
  • Matching bench
  • 12 year warranty
  • Local delivery included
  • Reduced from $21,390
"We feel very grateful to Fandrich & Sons and recommend them to anyone interested in a quality piano. We would be repeat customers if we were to buy more than one piano. But this one is so terrific, I think it will last in our family for at least a couple of generations."

-- Betty Lamont
Regarding her Fandrich & Sons Model 108 (43" upright).